Friday, May 13, 2005


So... my parents and I are up in Vegas for the weekend (Dad had a conference... Mom and I tagged along). We have just enjoyed a wonderful meal at the Hard Rock Cafe (yes, I eat there even though they serve Pepsi products). We decide to cross the street and get something to eat for the morning at a Market on the corner across the street from the HRC. As we are walking up to the entrance I notice that there are cockroaches on the sidewalk... Then the doors open and we look inside and there are cockroaches inside. SO GROSS! And then I notice that people are still fully buying stuff and not even caring. So, I say,"Let's go somewhere else." And my lovely father says, "What? Everything is in plastic wrappers."

Luckily my Mom was there and we quickly exited the premises without purchasing everything.

BTW-- if anyone is planning on driving to Vegas anytime soon-- make sure you pack a neck brace. The 15 in California is HORRIBLE!

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