Saturday, April 22, 2006

One more picture for my most recent trip...At Grandpa's house watching a movie. As you can see, it was very good! :) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Palmetto Trail

A little bit about what I'm going to be doing for the next week...

A Vision…

Imagine more than 425 miles of bicycling and walking paths through towns big and small, beside lakes and across mountain ridges featuring the natural beauty and local color of South Carolina communities.

An Opportunity…

Conceived in 1994 and slated for completion by 2010, South Carolina’s Palmetto Trail is the state’s largest bicycle and pedestrian project and will eventually run from the Mountains to the Sea.

This federally designated Millennium Legacy Trail is a project of the Palmetto Conservation Foundation. It will be one of only 13 cross-state trails in the United States.

A Reality…

The Palmetto Trail is halfway complete with nearly 225 miles open to the public.

The trail is being built as a series of “passages.” Each of the 15 passages currently open are accessible for single-day or multi-day trips. Together or separate, the passages demonstrate the history, culture and geography of the Palmetto State.

The Palmetto Trail currently features primitive pathways along knife-edged mountaintops, while other sections are urban bikeways, greenways and rail-to-trail conversions. The trail will eventually form a spine for a network of trails and bikeways in South Carolina

For more info, if you want:

We will be working on a hiking bridge about 15 feet up in the air. Good thing I conquered my fear of heights while doing shingle work in Fort Myers. :) This should be a pretty awesome 8 days, but FYI I won't have any phone service for pretty much the entire time. I know I haven't been that great on keeping in touch lately. SORRY!

Grace and Peace.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kadayla and I ... she was one of my favorites... :) Posted by Picasa

Naomi and I with our first graders from Ms. Kay's tutoring center and our favorite teacher there, Ms. Stacie! Posted by Picasa

Glenn and Ms Nettie... they decided to adopt me so I wouldn't have to leave. : Love them so much!!! Posted by Picasa

Out walking around the farm with Naomi and Joy :) Posted by Picasa

Captain Marisa.... shrimp is the name of the game in Delcambre... well, it used to be.  Posted by Picasa

Hanging out wiht Sir Randall Scott at the Acadiana Medieval Faire.  Posted by Picasa

having fun in new orleans at the Irish Italian parade. :) Posted by Picasa

my ridiculous blood blister. ouch! no joke, this sucker hurt! Posted by Picasa

me and my wall...I love my wall! Posted by Picasa

ninth has yet to be touched as of our visit in march. Posted by Picasa

getting ready for demolition work. Oh yeah! I'm pretty sure we are all smiling, can't you tell? :) Posted by Picasa

demo work is so fun! Posted by Picasa

Crawfish and Crab boil at the home of Terry and Bonnie. We worked on this home (seen in the background) for a good part of our time in Delcambre. Terry sure did know how to cook these bad boys. YUMMY! Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 10, 2006

Heading to Chucktown

Today was our last day at Terry's house. He cooked us another wonderful and amazing crawfish boil and it was YUMMY!!!!! Seriously, I don't know what I'm going to do without all this good food that I've grown accustomed to. :( And all the wonderful people. Glen, the shrimp expert, asked if he adopted me if I could stay. And I said yes, so he adopted me. So...I'm not leaving after all.

Just kidding. :)

Overall, this has been a project of the heart. Digging deep to remember why I joined this program and what my purpose for being here is. I struggled against a lot of things, health issues, work issues, emotional junk all -- what made it worth it was the homeowners. The popel in this part of the country are so hospitable and warm. I had no idea! If it hadn't been for this program, this magical adventure called AmeriCoprs, I never would have met so many wonderful people and experienced so much new culture.

I'm off to enjoy my last afternon with the kids that we tutor twice a week. It will be hard saying goodbye.

Grace and peace.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Almost Done with Louisiana

So, in just a few short days, my team and I will be packing up and leaving the wonder that is Louisiana...
On the way back to Charleston, we will be stopping in Gulf Breeze, FL to stay the night with my wonderful Grandpa (HI GRANDPA!!!). He has agreed to take in my team for the night, isn't he wonderful? We will be arriving back in Charleston sometime on wednesday and then begins.... SPRING BREAK!!! YEA! Unfortunetly, I have no plans as I am po' and didn't set anything up. However, there is always the beach and plenty of sleep to get caught up on. Yea!
After break, we will be preparing for a short trail building project somewhere in South Carolina--location TBA. That will be about a 10 day project after which we will be heading out to NASHVILLE TN! Seriously, the only place I really wanted a project and it will be our last one of the year. We are going to be working at a camp called Easter Seals which is for children and adults who have mild to severe physical disabilities. We will be camp counselors, living, eating and having fun with the campers. SO EXCITING. My only goal is to meet Keith Urban. I feel confident about this happening. I've already started training my teammates to recognize his voice, so if he happens to be somwhere around, they'll be able to recognize it and call me immediately. Also, I am putting together a collage of his pictures, so they'll be able to recognize his face as well as his voice. I know what you're thinking, I'm a little obsessed, but really, I just think it would be awesome. :)
OUr project here is wrapping up well. On Monday, Terry (one of the homeowners) is going to do another crawfish boil for us. Can you say YUMMY? It's crazy to think that our time is almost up, but I think we are all ready to be done here. :) Pictures to come once I get back to Charleston and my own computer.
Until then, love to all!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

ISP fun

Last weekend we went to work at a Crawfish Etufay (no clue how that is really spelled) Cookoff in Eunice, LA. It was awesome. The food was incredible. Naomi, JOy and myself were able to help out with the judging and so we learned lots of interesting facts about cooking crawfish and what makes good etufay. :) One of the judges was a local TV news anchor and he was a lot of fun. Also, the mayor, Lynn, was awesome. Every other minute she was asking if we needed anything and if we had enough food. One of the neat thigns was that there was a live Cajun band and they had an area for people to dance. So, we got to watch all these super cute, older couples show off their moves on the dance floor. It was awesome. In fact, this past Thursday night, Meredith, JOy, Alena and I went to a Cajun and Zydeco dance class in Lafayette. We're pretty much professionals now. YEAH RIGHT!!! I had no idea how complicated the dancing was. We can pretend really well though. :)

Today (and tomorrow) we are working at the Acadiana Medieval Faire. It's been pretty fun so far, we've had the chance to talk with a lot of the people working the different booths and doing the various performances... Once I get to Charleston, I'll put some fun pictures up.

Also, on Friday we were able to tour a shrimping boat. One of the neighbors of a house we are working on, Glenn, took us to his friends boat and explained the art of shrimping (which is a dying industry). Delcambre, the town we have been working in, was founded because of the shrimping industry. It only has 937 homes within the city limits and out of that total, only 32 did not get water in their homes during Rita. CRAZY! I'll tell you what, these people are so tahnkful for us being here and they continue to show us so much hospitality. It's been a wonderful project because of that. Work has been very frustrating due to lack of supervision and lack of supplies. Only a week left. We have yet to hear what our next project will be (after spring break). But odds are, we will be heading back to the Gulf Coast. :)

All for now. Miss you all very much. If you get a chance, give me a holla.
Grace and Peace.