Saturday, April 08, 2006

Almost Done with Louisiana

So, in just a few short days, my team and I will be packing up and leaving the wonder that is Louisiana...
On the way back to Charleston, we will be stopping in Gulf Breeze, FL to stay the night with my wonderful Grandpa (HI GRANDPA!!!). He has agreed to take in my team for the night, isn't he wonderful? We will be arriving back in Charleston sometime on wednesday and then begins.... SPRING BREAK!!! YEA! Unfortunetly, I have no plans as I am po' and didn't set anything up. However, there is always the beach and plenty of sleep to get caught up on. Yea!
After break, we will be preparing for a short trail building project somewhere in South Carolina--location TBA. That will be about a 10 day project after which we will be heading out to NASHVILLE TN! Seriously, the only place I really wanted a project and it will be our last one of the year. We are going to be working at a camp called Easter Seals which is for children and adults who have mild to severe physical disabilities. We will be camp counselors, living, eating and having fun with the campers. SO EXCITING. My only goal is to meet Keith Urban. I feel confident about this happening. I've already started training my teammates to recognize his voice, so if he happens to be somwhere around, they'll be able to recognize it and call me immediately. Also, I am putting together a collage of his pictures, so they'll be able to recognize his face as well as his voice. I know what you're thinking, I'm a little obsessed, but really, I just think it would be awesome. :)
OUr project here is wrapping up well. On Monday, Terry (one of the homeowners) is going to do another crawfish boil for us. Can you say YUMMY? It's crazy to think that our time is almost up, but I think we are all ready to be done here. :) Pictures to come once I get back to Charleston and my own computer.
Until then, love to all!!!

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