Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Long Overdue Update

Sorry! This was a CRAZY summer....here are some pictures that will serve as an update. :)

Took a trip to Santa Barbara with Jami and Patric...got to have some fun with my camera. One of my favorite shots is below, from a Rose Garden across the street from the Misssion: In the Beginning of August, I went to Illinois to attend my AmeriCorps Teammates wedding (in Charleston). Five of us were reunited after over a year apart! Joy, Alena, Deanne, and Adam (and me) are below:

Riverside Young Life took 40 kids and Leaders to camp at Woodleaf this August...up quite a bit from the 7 of us that went the previous year! :) Here's a shot of us after the messy games:
And all cleaned up:

After getting back from Camp, I went up to Portland to visit my Best Friend, Cassi (and Sean, her husband). We really like taking pictures in the car:

It was their first anniversary, the day I arrived.

They let me crash the party and we all went out to dinner.

The last night I was there, we rode on the Portland Aerial Tram, for Marques.

Check out this $58 million dollar view (yeah, that's how much it cost to make this crazy thing).

We had a cousin gathering at the beach at the end of August, Mike and Annie and the boys were down from San Jose...


Jacob and Devin, Jumping Waves:

That's it for now...got to get back to work. I'll post some more really soon. I promise!

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Enjoyed reviewing your Blog Postings - thanks for sharing your thoughts.