Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's been a while

Monica called yesterday! Yeah for calling cards! For those of you who know Monica, she is doing great! Except for the fact that it is still snowing in China! Who knew? :) So we Southern Californians have nothing to complain about... it's just a little rain!

I've decided that every time I finish a book, I'm going to acknowledge it here on my site. The point is to approve or disapprove of the book and hopefully get some of my unread friends to pick up a book and start reading (yes, I'm talking to you Kevin)!

Marisa's Book Club: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
This is a fantastic book. Basic summary:
Jane is an orphan raised by an aunt who doesn't care for her. She is sent away to a boarding school where her passionate behaviors are tamed, but not exterminated. She has strong moral convictions which are crucial for the trials she faces throughout her life. After she is finished with school, she stays on as a teacher. A couple years later, she is hired as a governess at Thornfield where she falls in love with her employer, Mr. Rochester.
From there on, the story is up to you! Or your local video store-- there are several movie adaptions to this book (that means it's really good-- moving words inspire moving pictures).
There is one with Timothy Dalton that is fairly good.

Now, for those of you who have read Jane Eyre, you have to let me know your thoughts. If you read it in high school (like I did), you should read it again. It's better the second time around. ;)

More to come...

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