Sunday, April 10, 2005

Book Club Update

Life can keep you so busy! I've been reading, but I've gotten behind with posting what I've read! So sorry! :) Here's what I've read as of late:

Geek Love by Katherine Dunn
Shannon, my dear BFF, gave me this book to read. It is VERY interesting and not like anything else I've read before.
The book is about a traveling circus whose owners devise to save it by bearing children who can be their own shows. They accomplish this by having the mother ingest insecticides, drugs, arsenic-- anything to make the child more "special." The results are intriguing. One of the commentaries on this book says that "it is a fantastic story, thre product of an imagination totally unfettered by literary convention."
That truly is the best way to describe this book. My favorite characters were Electra and Iphigenia (also known as Elly and Iphy). They were Siamese twins with perfect upper bodies joined at the waist and sharing one set of hips and legs. The best part was that they played the piano... gotta love that! :)
I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys an intriguing story.

A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken
Another book given to me by Shannon. A beautiful story of love between a man and woman. A line I particularly loved was "Those who see love as only sex or mainly sex do not, quite simply, know what love is." Isn't that the truth. Something the younger generation needs to be slapped in the face with -- with all love and compassion, of course.
Also, there is a great deal of discussions of faith which is particularly inspired by a friendship with C.S. Lewis.

Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott
A novel by Miss Lamott. Another birthday present from my dear roommie Jamie.
This is a story of a woman going through a divorce who moves back to her childhood home with her two children. There are some similarities to her non-fiction book, Traveling Mercies--experiences that her main character goes through that she experienced in her own life. In that respect, I would have to say that I preferred reading Traveling Mercies to this book.
This novel was an ok read. Having only read two of Miss Lamott's books, I can't say indefinitely, but so far, I have preferred reading her non-fiction insights instead of reading them through characters in a novel.

That's all for now.... More books to come! :)

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