Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Florida and packing

Florida was fantastic--no hurricanes or even tropical storms.

Visiting Cape Canaveral was definitely a highlight of the trip. We got to see some amazing things. For, more info.--call me.

Another highlight was seeing my family (Dad's side). My Uncle Si played his guitar for us--Watch out Eric Clapton! Seriously, he's that good.

Since we got back, I've been doing a lot of packing and getting ready for our move.
Who knew packing could be so much fun! YUCK!

That's all for now! :)


Suz said...

Hey Marisa - What address should I send a postcard to? Riverside or San Clemente or South Carolina? Let me know! Ciao!

Marisa said...

San Clemente... I'll email you with the addy.
love you and be safe! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! ;)

George said...

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