Sunday, December 11, 2005

Next Project

The past Friday we found out where our next project will be...

We are headed back to Florida! Fort Myers this time...which is pretty much on the opposite side of the penisuila from Miami. We will be working with another team (we don't yet know which) and we will be there for six weeks. Our project is with Habitat for Humanity. Since it is still a ways off, we don't have too much more information at this time. Hopefully we will kinow more before break, but we will have 8 days when we get back from break to do project prep.

So, I'll be turning 24 in Florida. Crazy.

We are hoping that this time, Florida will be good to us! Unfortunetly, we already had a stroke of bad luck. Friday night after dinner a few of us went to see Walk the Line. About 30 mins. in, the volume went out. It's the curse of Florida on our team. Hopefully, it will be broken before we go back! :)

This is our last week at Eagle Harbor. This has been another unusual project in that we don't have a good way to quatify what we have done during our time there. Not that we have to give numbers in order to have an impact, but it's more difficult to explain what we have been up to for a month. I hate getting attached to the boys because I know that after this week, we won't really see them. We plan to try and stop by when we are back in Charleston between projects, but it's hard to know if that will happen. They are super cute boys though and I really have enjoyed my time with them.

We made the boys and Danny and Liz breakfast one time. They really enjoyed our cooking! :)

In other news, I am looking forward to Christmas break. I hope that I get to see some of your lovely faces while I'm at home. If you're going to be around, give me a call!

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