Saturday, February 25, 2006

Heading to Lousianna soon


Well, we almost got a trail crew project (Oconee State Park, SC), but because things are so crazy with the proposed closure of NCCC, the administration at base has put us on another Disaster Relief project instead. After our debrief time in Charleston (we head back on the first of March), we'll be turning around and heading back to the Gulf Coast area--this time in Abbeville, LA where we will be working with the United Way in that area. At this time we have no idea what we'll be doing or how long we'll be there, but that's where we are headed! It's about 40 miles inland from the Gulf Coast, west of New Orleans.
To be honest, I'm bummed that we won't be spending time in the mountains hiking and enjoying the fresh air. However, I realize, even more so after being down here 5 weeks, the importance of relief projects and the need. This area has been so devestated and come June, they will all be holding thier breaths, waiting and watching to see if another hurricane will come through the area. I know I'll be paying closer attention, worrying about all my new friends that I've made in the area.
I'll let you know more as I can.

Tonight some of my team is headed out to Mobile to check out the Mardi Gras celebrations there. Did you know that Mobile was the first Mardi Gras location? True story.

Grace and Peace.

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