Saturday, March 11, 2006

A hopefully exciting turn of events...

Today could prove to be a very exciting day.

since we arrived in Abbeville, we have been living in a "Family Life Center" aka a huge gym. I've been sleeping on a cot-upgrade from an air mattress, but it's too short so my feet hang off the end. :( And it's HOT and HUMID here.... my favorite combination.

so, why is today an exciting day, you may be asking yourself right now... well, our sponsor is moving us into a HOUSE! YEA! It's not in downtown abbeville, like we are currently, but it's a house. and, unless Gold 5's luck strikes again, it will be nice with enough rooms and more than one shower and have a stove that works (last night i made dinner for the team, mac and cheese, in a rice cooker because the stove at the gym didn't work. that's right, a rice cooker!).

so far, we've worked at two schools getting them ready for students who will be returning on monday. we also met another NCCC team from Denver. They are on their first project. It's weird seeing how large their team is (number wise) and how they interact with one another. I wouldn't go back to our first project if you paid me. My team has become my family... sometimes you love them, sometimes you love to hate them, but they are always there for you. Why? because you understand each other, at least at this time in our lives. It's very hard to explain the NCCC experience to people who haven't done it. Not that you don't get insight through my lovely blog. :) It's just a whole different way of life. One that can only be understood from the inside.

hope to write again soon. the only upside to the gym was that we had a computer. :)

I'd like to give a little shout out to my girl scout troop homies. HELLO! :) Hope you are all doing well and that school is going well. hope to hear from you again soon.

Grace and Peace.


David Hopwood said...

... hehe, I'm at home...

I hope the house works out for you.

I'm hoping to be down south again real soon. Like April 3. If not I'll be there in May.

Well I'm trying to watch a movie and type at the same time, so I'm gonna make this short.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marisa
The girl scout have been busy with Thinking Day and cookie sales.You should get some more letter around Easter. Take care!We love you
Aunt Karen