Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Road Trip

So, this past weekend I went on a little road trip up north with Brandon (aka the Punk) to visit Joe Lee (friend from Young Life). On our drive up, I saw the coolest license plate that reminded me of my team, GOLD RUSH. It was great:

The trip itself was great. We stayed with my fabulous cousins Annie and Mike in San Jose (love you guys!!!) and then drove into Santa Cruz on Saturday for a fun filled day with Joe. Which means that I got picked on mercilessly by Brandon and Joe. A definite highlight was running into JON AXTELL! He happened to be at the camp where Joe works and so I saw him Saturday morning. SO GREAT seeing him. :)
Also, we saw You, Me and Dupree--funny movie, if you like Owen Wilson, you will like this movie. I was laughing almost the entire time.

P.S. Do you know how much cooler (temperature)it is in Northern California. So not fair! :) It was ridiculously beautiful there.

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Laura said...

Girl! I was just in Santa Cruz! And why didn't you swing by Palo Alto to say hello?