Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Catching Up...

Pictures from top to bottom.

1. Miky, Mom and I at the Young Life Auction and Drawing which consumed my life for 5 months! :) It was a great event!
2. Kids and Leaders at our first All City Club in February. We did an up front skit play on the price is right. It was a big hit. The kids wore the shirts for the rest of the night!
3. All City Club from this past Friday--we took the kids to play broomball (on an ice rink, with plastic sticks and a ball...lots of fun and slightly dangerous).
4. My "minnie"...my car after the accident. Sad times.
5. My NEW CAR!!! Ladyhawk. I love my new car!!!
6. Miky, Mom and I at Belvedere Castle in Central Park--loving the view!
7. Miky, Uncle Jeff, Daddy and I on top of Rockefeller Plaza Tower--such an amazing view, that's central park behind us!
8. Magnolia Bakery. YUM. Yup, we waited in line for a cup cake. Seriously. And trust me, it was WORTH IT!
9. The cousins at Kitana's 3rd Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Fun times.
10. Nana, Ashleigh, Tuesday Kristy and I...haven't seen Ashleigh in a LONG time! She's all grown up!

I promise I'll try and be more on top of the updates! :) I know this is a lot!

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mike mckiernan said...

Hey dude!

Just stopped in to say hi!

Man, that's Miky?! Been a loooooong time since i've seen him, yo. He's all old and stuff.

Sorry about your accident, I assume you were wearing your seatbelt and are ok. Cuz yer a good girl, right? :-)

congrats on your new car!