Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I apologize for the delay, but here are a select few of the 980 pictures I took during our two week trip. It's Italy, how can you NOT take that many pictures! :)

Starting with the best one: Papa Bene! Yep, we were really that close!The Stocks in the Collesium. It was slightly mind-boggling being in a place with so much history.

Taken in St. Peter's after we sang at Mass. The orange image above our heads is a stained glass of the Holy Spirit which is above the altar (we are at the entrance and the glass is on the back wall of St. Peters, just to give perspective). Our Concert with the Vatican Orchestra! Can you find my parents and me?

On our way to Florence...Bus "b" had some fun dancing for Bus "a." Just remember, B stands for BEST!With Miky on the Ponte Vechio in Florence. Florence was AMAZING!!!

Mom and Dad and FLORENCE...you can make out the Duomo just above Dad's shoulder. There's a 12 second delay when you sing there. But the choir still sounded amazing. San Gimigiano...the "Medieval Manhattan." My favorite place we visited.

I can't wait to go back!I fell in love with windows and balconies. Here's one from Sienna.
Saint Marks in Venice. You can really tell that Venice is sinking when you go in this church, the floor is buckling. Crazy! We sang a song here for Mass, Sicut Cervus, that was written by the music director about 500 years ago. Pretty awesome.

Chilling with one of the lions in St. Marks Square. :) We keep in touch.

The birds are CRAZY! They zoom right past your head!

At the Winery where we had our farewell lunch, with Eva our tour guide.

Just walked around the corner and there they were, up in a tree.
I didn't know they did that! :)
Um, Miky...pretty sure you're too big!

It was an incredible trip. Next time you see me in person, I'll show you more, just ask!

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