Monday, October 18, 2004

Odd Sighting

I was driving up to the shopping center that is right by my house today and there was a guy walking on the sidewalk. Sounds normal, but wait, there's more. He was wearing black pants and not wearing a shirt. He had a long sleeved shirt in his hands that he was kind of struggling with. I figured that he was trying to put the shirt on, but I wondered why he hadn't already put it on before leaving the house. I thought this was a little strange, especially given the gloomy weather we in Riverside County have been experiencing. After I passed him, I gave him no further thought.
Until I saw him again as I was driving back.
He was still wearing his pants (just so you know), but he had his shirt on in a very strange way. the sleeves were on, but the rest of the shirt was around his back. Basically, it looked like he had arm warmers on from the front and from the back it just looked ridiculous.
Now, I ask you-- what in the world was this man thinking. He looked to be in his late 20's, but I'm very bad at guessing age. Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he had a very high opinion of his abs.

Laura said...

Only his arms were cold.