Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Wonder that is the 91 Freeway

Ok... reason number one I want out of Southern Cali- TRAFFIC!!!!!

My cute little brother lives in Huntington Beach. He just changed apartments this past weekend. Being the wonderful sister that I am, I drove down last Friday to help him pack up his kitchen. I left his place at 3:05 and immediately hit traffic on the 55 (starting at the 405 connection, for those of you who know the area well). Two hours later I got home. At one point I was averaging 15 mins./mile. I was not a happy camper. As soon as I was on the 91, I was wishing that I had a Fast Track pass because those folks were zooming by. Not fair, not even a little bit.

Fast forward to today--- I went down to see my brother's new place and have lunch with him. I intended on leaving by 2:30 so that I would not hit the horrendous traffic that I sat in last week. Or at least not as much of it. That plan went out the front door at about the same time I did when we left his place at 1:30 to go to IKEA (he needed new bedding). Did I mention I got there at 12 and we hadn't had lunch yet? So, despite the fact that I am facing a bunch of traffic in the near future, I press on because I drove my parent's car down and they have (drum roll please) ... a Fast Track pass! So, I figured I'd sit through the 55, but be on the home stretch once I got on the 91...

Ha Ha Ha

The entire part of the 91 that has the Fast Track was moving. I didn't hit traffic on the 91 until the Fast Track ended. How does this work? There is no logical explanation.

All I have left to say is-- I want OUT!

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