Friday, September 09, 2005

Day Three-ish

Well, technically I have been here for three days, but it's day two of training. I'm sure you are shocked that you're reading another posting so quickly after the first one, but I try to keep you on your toes.

We've had some good times so far together as a team. We have been doing "In Processing" the past two days-- SO MUCH FUN! Who knew filling out paper work could be so thrilling. Not really, not even a little bit.

We have been attempting to come up with a team name and have thus far been unsuccessful. Our unit number is Gold 5. Here are some of the ideas we've come up with so far:

1. OG5 (as in Original Gangsters--not my idea, but I kinda liked it!)
2. Fly Five
3. Five x 2 +1 (there are 11 of us)
4. the Really Really Really Really Ridiculously Helpful Team

Can you tell we've had our creative juices flowing? :)

In other news:
We got our uniforms issued today. Once I get a chance to suit up I'll try and post a picture of the fabulous "outfit" (and I use that term very loosely) that I will be living in for the nest 10 months. So much fun, I can hardly stand it.
It hasn't been too warm here and the humidity hasn't been that bad either. So, no Mufusa hair yet. I'll keep you posted on that. I'm sure that it will eventually happen. So far, it's been manageable.
The mosquito's are not friendly here at all. So far, I have five or so bites. There is one on my right hand that has become swollen. Not good, but I still have full functioning of my hand, so I'm not worried yet.
Right outside the dorms there is a "wooded" area. Now, by "wooded" I mean real woods where you can't really see too far into them without seeing more trees. Pretty crazy. Last night I saw a little fox meandering around the parking lot just outside of the woods. That is something that you don't really see in Riverside. :)
Tonight our team is headed out to Downtown Charleston to get an idea of the city and see a little bit of what goes on Friday nights. We are all looking forward to our adventure. We are also planning a beach trip on Sunday... So, as you can tell, it's not just hard work around here. :) We like to spice things up from time to time.

That's all for now folks. Peace and Love from the Cali girl breathing clean air.


Anonymous said...

I like OG5, very hip, and since you are from Riverside, it works!!


Anonymous said...

the last one was my fav! Try printing that on a T-shirt!

Laura said...

Maris!! Good to talk to you the other night, and I am glad thing are going well so far, except for killer mosquitos. Did I show you the infection I got in Brazil from a couple bites? I have pictures...just take care of them and dont scratch!
I vote for OG5 as well...and Sara would think about making t-shirts, that APU grad...

Sandybeth said...

I like Gangsta One!!! Fo sho, Peace out from the South Side!!
Much Love to ya, Sdawg