Monday, September 19, 2005

Physical Training and More--Version 2

I am running. It's dark, it's foggy and there are trees on both sides of me reaching down towards me creating a slight claustrophobic feeling. The one person running in front of me has no distinguishable lines due to the fact that the fog/mist has attacked my glasses. I try to clean them, but 2 seconds later they are fogged up. I am awaiting an attack from the alligator or other named monster that has been following me through the marshes, looking for the opportune moment to take out my ankles and drag me into the abyss. Garth Brooks and my running companion are keeping me from running back towards civilization screaming at the top of my lungs. Just another morning of PT in AmeriCorps.

In mosquito related news--my toes are healing quite nicely. However, I seem to be consistently getting more bites despite the aresenal of bug repellent I have (which , of course is kept at my bedside). I currently have one on the back of my left knee that is the size of my calf. Thankfully, it has been getting smaller due to the application of hydrochloride (anit-itch) cream. My team members were good enough to pick some up for me and I will be forever greatful.

We finished van training today. It really wasn't so bad--6 of us with the Supply Manager driving around Charleston. James (S.M.) gave us a tour and pointed out places we might like to visit while we are here. However, it wasn't all fun and games. There were a good 30 minutes of sheer horror in which I lost all color in my face and had to restrain myself from puking (which I hate to do beyond anything else in this world). James had each of us swerve in and out of cement islands across the width of the parking lot. In a 15 passenger van, it takes a bit of skill, but mainly, the passengers just get pretty nauseated. Then he had us drive to one end of the parking lot stop, floor it and then wait for his signal to slam on the brakes. Each of us did this three to five times. I almost lost it. Mind you, when it was my turn, I performed all tasks beautifully--give a little shout out to Class B van driver training. :) Holla back AC's!

Not much else to report, so I'll end this post for now. Mind you, this is my second time writing it and I think the first message was better. It's always difficult to re-create your wit and actually be pleased with the outcome.

I won't lie to you, I've been a bit homesick. Not for the smog (Brandon), but for all the wonderful people I cherish as my family and friends. I received my first letter today (From Dr. Carlson) and my first package today (from my amazing parents). I was thrilled.

One last thing-- our team name (for now, it's possible that it could be changed) is Phantastic Five. Don't ask.


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