Friday, January 06, 2006

Back in Chucktown

Hey all! I'm back in somewhat cold Chucktown (Charleston) gearing up for my next project. Yesterday was spent in meetings and today we did a local project with Goodwill--we worked in their PC recovery area. I personally stripped apart computers. I had no idea what anything was, but I was able to place it all in the right bins! :)
Last night, a few of my teammates and I watched the premiere of Dancing with the Stars. It was fantastic! I'm pulling for Jerry Rice--Yup, he's on it! :) Do yourself a favor and watch, you won't regret it! :)
Other than that, I'm just dreading turning 24... I don't know why, but it sounds old (sorry to all my readers who happen to be older than that--I hope you understand!) I think a lot of it is the fact that I don't feel like an adult--I'm still just a kid inside and I don't wanna grow up (I'm a TOYS R US kid...sing along if you know it). Hopefully I'll get over it soon and be able to enjoy my birthday, even if I'm in hot & humid Florida.
All for now, more to come sometime soon!

PS. For all those I was able to see over break--it was AWESOME to see you and thank you for taking the time to hang out with me! Even if if was for a short while, it meant sooooo much to me. You'll never know.
For everyone I wasn't able to see--I miss you! I hope that we can see each other as soon as I get back in June!

Grace and Peace.

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