Saturday, January 28, 2006

new place

well, my team got pulled from our assignment in florida and we are currently living in a tent city in biloxi, mississippi. we will be doing disaster relief for the next five weeks, putting our departure back to charleston at march 1. we will be doing a random assortment of jobs including but not limited to case managemnet, construction, food prep and distribution. this area was pretty much destroyed by katrina and i'm sure that it will be a tough and rewarding project.
we are living, as i said before, in a tent city--this literally means tents. picture circus tents with plywood floors, and 34 bunkbeds. we have about 10 port-a-potties and 10 portable showers that we share with anywhere from 200-300 volunteers. it's going to be a stretching experience, but a good one. picture it as an summer camp for adults. :)
continue to keep this area in your prayers. so many people lost everything.
i won't be able to write very often because there is only one computer for everyone here. snail mail is great! :)

grace and peace.


Suz said...

Hey! at least you're not in florida anymore!!! If you get a free weekend go up a little ways to Nachez, Miss. It's on the Mississippi River just north of the Miss/Louisiana border. There are several (and by that I mean like 10) antebellum (before the civil war) homes that have been restored as historical site. From March 10 to April 14th they have pilgrimage days where everyone dresses up like the old days. At any rate they have tours of hte homes year round and riverboats too I think. - go visit it's worth it! Love ya and miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Forest
How's the shrimp @ Bubbs Gumps? Life is like a box of chocolates you just never know what you're going to get! Take care down there. We love and miss you.
The Clan in S.B. Mnts.

Cassi said...

Good luck! You are in my prayers, and please be careful! Love you!