Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me! he he

It's official... I am 24--yikers!

Last night I went out with some teammates to watch the Patriots v. Bronco's game at the local bar that is 2 mins. away from our apartments. We were the only people our age at the bar--shocking. Welcome to Florida!
When we got back, I was surprised to find my apartment decorated with streamers and balloons--how awesome is my team?
This morning, my roommates made me breakfast and then we watched some Friends gag reels. Also they gave me a crown, earings and a ribbon that says birthday girl. Seriously, I'm wearing it as I type.

Yesterday was our first day of work. We repaired 9 homes that were damaged by Wilma. It was pretty simple work, but some of it took longer than I was expecting. It was a good first day and our work supervisors are super nice.

All for now... I'm off to enjoy my birthday! Yea!

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Mike M. said...

Let me be the first, here, to which you a happy (belated) birthday!