Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our last project

Tomorrow morning, Gold Five will embark on our very last project during our time with NCCC. We will be heading to the beautiful state of Tennessee to work at the Easter Seals camp in Mt. Juliet which is about 15 miles or so outside of Nashville (you better believe I'm going to be spending as much time there as possible. Keith Urban, can I please meet you?) Our work there will consist of getting the camp prepared for the upcoming sessions and working with the campers as counselors. The majority of the time we will be working with adults (18 and up) who have either physical or mental disabilities. One weekend we have the option of working with people who have traumatic brain injury. It should be a very eye opening experience and it's also going to be a project of the heart. We will be working about 80 to 100 hours per week when the camp is in session ( no worrying about not reaching the required 1700 hours of service mark). On that note, during times when we are on (any time we are with campers, we are not allowed to use our cell phones. SO, that means that if you need to talk to me, the best chance is the weekend. Or leave a message and I'll call you back! Also, I won't have much access to email (does this sound familiar) so, it's not the best way to stay in touch.
I miss everyone at home very much. I can't believe it's already May. In exactly two months from today I will be finished with AmeriCorps and be on my way home. It's amazing how in one moment it seems like the time has flown by and in the next, it seems like is has creeped by. Know that I am definitely looking forward to returning to California and hanging out with each and everyone of you!

Grace and Peace.

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