Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stuck in the MUD!!!

On Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning we experienced a fairly big thunderstorm. That meant that we couldn't work out on the trail so we were able to do some service learning activities (South Carolina State Museum, General Sumter's Grave Memorial and Congaree Swamp Park--all very cool and fun). So, Thursday afternoon, we decided to head back out to the trail and try and get a couple of hours of work done. Well, the clay roads were quite dry/hard enough yet for us to get by. Of course, I was driving (oh yeah) and a couple of times I had to do some pretty tricky maneuvering to keep us on the road. Apparently, so my northern teammates tell me, it was like driving on ice. The van lost all steering capabilities. Not very fun when you're driving a huge van down a small road in the middle of nowhere. So, we eventually got the van turned around, headed back to the abandoned warehouse we were staying in (the offices upstairs), and we had to go back through a particularly precarious spot in the road where there was lots of water and not much road. :( Well, to make a long story short (too late) we ended up stuck and an hour and a half later we were out. :)
Oh the joys of life in AmeriCorps.

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