Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Young Life BBQ

Well, I promised that I would post some pictures from the BBQ and here they are! :)

Jamie and I were "Flo and Marge" two southern ladies bringing a glimpse, a touch, a look, a window, if y'all will to the area where Scott (my boss) was reared.

Here we are, doing our thing!

All of our lovely volunteers doing a YL skit called "Roxanne" where the women put a marshmellow in the guys mouth every time Sting says the name Roxanne. It's hilarious.

After that skit was over, they auctioned me off to jump in the pool. Yeah, my DAD payed $300 ... the bidding started at $10. :)

Me in the pool. IT WAS COLD!!!! And I lost my wig!

My Mom spoke at the event. She is awesome!

Overall, it was an incredible event and we raised a lot of money for Young Life. It was great.



Anonymous said...

Hi! You are awesome. I am glad that the fund-raiser went well, and you looked HOT!!

Talk to you soon. Miss you! Love you!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are awesome!
It looks like it was a great event!
Wow - how many times does Sting say Roxanne... were there enough marshmallows for that? :)
Miss you!