Thursday, November 09, 2006


So, yesterday afternoon I was at Panera checking email and trying to get some work done (our internet is out at the house and we have yet to get a new office...woe to me).
As I was sitting there enjoying my salad and doing lots of important things, I noticed an elderly couple sitting two tables over that kept looking in my direction and talking. I didn't want to think the worst, so I just tried to ignore it.
Well, finally the lady said, "We're talking about you."
"Oh," was my quick reply.
"We were looking at your computer. We don't have one and we were thinking about getting a laptop."

Whew. I thought it was going to be totally something else... I told them what I knew about my computer, which is VERY little and then they asked how much it cost. I told them that I didn't know because I had gotten it from work.

A couple of minutes later, the man asked if I used it for personal and work stuff. I told them that the line separating the two were very blurry.

"She's either a spy or a hooker," said the woman.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! :) I was trying to hard not to laugh it was ridiculous. A spy or a hooker?

Had to pass that one on. It was just too funny to keep to myself.


Anonymous said...

A spy or a hooker, huh? That is awesome! I would go with the spy because of all the sneaking around you get to do, and the hooker simply for the fun shoes! Hahaha!


Marisa said...

yeah... it would be much better to be a spy...more job security.