Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I had an amazing Thanksgiving. So much fun! I went down to San Clemente on Tuesday and stayed through Sunday. It was a much needed break and time with my family. Here are a couple of fun pictures from my extra long weekend!

My brother all dolled up for his 80's night club. He goes everyweek. Him and a friend started dressing up and this past week they had a costume contest because of it. Of course my brother was in the bathroom when they did it, but his buddy got first place! :)

Going for a ride with my number one guy--my Dad! :) We went up to Laguna and back. So much fun!

The morning of the race--The Turkey Trot 10k. My brother took this picture when he was waiting for the race to start. He couldn't run because he injured his back, so he was our official photographer!

Starting strong and trying not to get run over by people or strollers. Lots of people ran with their kids in those fun active strollers. CRAZY!

Half way done and still having fun! :) How awesome is this picture? Way to go Miky.

All done! Now we are ready for some TURKEY! :)


Anonymous said...

You are so freaking AMAZING!

jarvis said...

Sis, you and your family are So Fun... "running...mmm...Good Stuff :)" Hey, Hope to catch up with you soon!