Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Being 23

Well, I have been 23 for 3 days now and I can't say that's been all that great. I feel old! :)

I've go to send a shout out to all the homies who called and text messaged me. I really appreciated it.

I've said in the past that it's all down hill from age 22... well, I think I was mistaken. :) I can only hope that life continues to be just as it has been... maybe with a little more fun times.

Here's to being 23! :)

1 comment:

Mike M. said...

23 is old!? jeez... switch the numbers around and that's how old I AM!

and enjoy your 20s, cuz it's all downhill after 30... trust me on that one. (actually, it's all down hill after you have kids, but since you're a lesbian...)