Monday, January 24, 2005

New Old Words

Susan sent me a book for my birthday. It's called The Word Museum. It contains "the most remarkable English words ever forgotten." I know that only nerds like us would really get into this, but I thought I'd share some words for fun. Try and use them! :)

1. gapesnest a wonderment, a strange sight.
2. fluckadrift a haste, hurry
3. cover-slut a long apron used to hide an untidy dress; any clothing slipped on to hide untidiness beneath
4. key of the street a person who has no house to go to at night or is shut out from his own, is said to have the keys to the street.
5. meatwhole having a healthy appetite
6. prinkle the flesh is said to prinkle when there is a tingling sensation, consequent upon a temporary suspension of the circulation.
7. shazzying dancing
8. tooth-music the sound of chewing
9. waspish peevish, malignant, irritable
10. aflunters in a state of disorder

Steph-can I use these in speed scrabble? :)


Anonymous said...

Let's get together for some speed scrabble and see what happens. All those words seem pretty long for little ol' you to be able to get in between 'go's. Bring it on and we'll see what you're made of. -S

Suz said...

aren't those words great! Not to be said in a hurry however...