Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Returning to your Roots

Well, it finally happened. I got a sub job at my alma matter. Things can certainly change a lot in 5 years. For instance,

When I was in High School, I did not (top ten):
1. Bring a CD player to school, walk to classes listening to music and whip it out during class.
2. Look at Pokemon cards
3. Play Chubby Bunny in the middle of class
4. Have a cell phone, let alone a picture cell phone.
5. Sleep in class.
6. Wear white pants on a rainy day.
7. Have the drumline practice outside my class.
8. Act disrespectful to a Substitute teacher.
9. Bring tweezers to school and pluck my eyebrows during class.
10. Have classmates with VERY unusual names (example: Rocksand).

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