Sunday, July 10, 2005

Junior Highers

Ok... so, apparently Friday nights is the night for Junior Highers to be dropped off by their parents at the movies. I thought it was just a Riverside thing, but no-- it goes on in Corona too.
This past Friday, Kev (The Hobbit), Saundra (the cuz) and I went to see Batman Begins. It was ridiculous. They were walking in and out of the theatre, talking, letting friends in through the emergency exit. It was the 10 o'clock showing-- isn't that past their bedtime?
THEN, last night, Saundra and I were at Ralphs around 10:30 and there was a group of boys on bikes right outside. As we are walking back to the car, they hit on us...Really? Oh yes, please can I be with you little junior higher-- can I sit on your bike handle?

Yeah for junior highers. God Bless their parents, teachers and everyone else who works with them! :)


Anonymous said...

You are so funny!! I think the same thing, except that after dark they should be inside . . .Christa and I were at the mall last week and we had a bunch of junior highers hit on us, and it took all my will power to walk away and not laugh at them, and on Saturday Sean and I were at a festival in Sandy, and there were 12 year olds practically having sex on the grass, it was sick!!! Where are the parents?? I don't know . . . God help us when we have our own!! Love you, Cas

Anonymous said...

Marisa how are you doing these days? i notice you're doing really well after we graduated you for sub RUSD and I read you sub at north now? how is that going? do you sub 4 period USL does that bring you back memories? anyway thanks for the add

Gilbert L Lee

Class of 2000