Friday, July 15, 2005

Yeah for Road Trips!

I'm off to Lake Havasu for the weekend to meet up with Cassi and Sean. How fun is that? :) I'm probably going to melt in the 124 degree weather, but I'm sure we will have tons of fun. Hopefully we will meet up with Kevin and his homies in Laughlin. Happy Belated Birthday Hobbit!

In other news:
For those of you who remember when I started this blog, skip ahead...
It's incredible that last October I started this blog while my parents were in Gulf Breeze helping my grandparents with their destroyed house (courtesy of Hurricane Ivan).
...This past weekend, Hurricane Dennis struck in pretty much the same spot as Ivan. My grandparents had just recently finished completely rebuilding their house. When the hurricane warnings came, they left for Indiana to be with my Uncle Si. Fortunately, Dennis did not cause near as much damage. There was minimal damage to the inside of their house and only two parts of the house (garage and sunroom) were affected with water. Praise God! My aunt and uncle who live down the street also had damage to their house, but they were in the house when Dennis hit, and they held their glass screen doors in place to keep the water and wind out of their house. Brave people.
So far, it doesn't look as if Emily is heading their way... I'm keeping my fingers crossed. That area is still trying to put itself back together after Ivan.

Happy 50th Birthday Disneyland. I wish I could be there to celebrate!

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