Monday, October 31, 2005

Back in Miami

I am back in Miami, living without power in our little house. We have candles and a gas stove. Last night I cooked cornbread on the stove top--who knew you could do that? :)
The past three days we have been working with FEMA and the City of Miami at a Distribution Center. We have been passing out ice, water and food. Good times. One of the benefits of working with them has been all the beautiful looking men. No joke. All us gals have enjoyed the "eye candy" after not really being around guys for awhile. :) Yeah, we are pretty silly.

Tomorrow we are finally going out to Virginia Key. It got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Wilma, so we might be doing more debris removal and less invasive exotic removal. We also might be staying an extra week here in Miami to replace the week that we were gone in Okefenokee.

It has been an eye opening experience being back in Miami after the hurricane. Seeing trees completely knocked over with their roots exposed is just unbelievable. Also, just seeing the impact on the community has been interesting. There is only about 23% of Miami Dade county without power, and of course, it's mostly the lower income, "ghetto,"areas that are without power. The estimated time of turn on is November 8. Hopefully, it will be turned on before then. Being without electricity and living with eleven people is trying.

I truly can't believe that it will be November tomorrow. Time is going by pretty quickly, but I also can't help but look forward to Christmastime. Several reasons for that: A. seeing family and friends 2. playing my piano III. not wearing my uniform for an extended period of time.

That's all for now folks. Gotta keep the computer use to a minimum since battery power is not at a high level.

Grace, Peace and lots of love.


Anonymous said...

Eye candy huh. Sure hope you aren't lookin like you did back in the swamp.:)

Anonymous said...

For the next hurricane photo rita ; the easy way to keep going.