Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hurricane Wilma Update

Hey all... Well, I am still in the swamp! :) Good ole Okefenokee. Today we were out working on tearing down a shelter. Good times. There was a scary incident at the end of the day when one of the volunteers, Gordon, fell down through two beams. He is 74 years old, about. He fractured a rib. It made my heart race to see him fall. He is the sweetest old man! :) Also, he's from England.

Onto the hurricane update. We are still planning on being here through tomorrow because Miami is still out of power. The Miami Herald predicted our area to have power again by November 4th... So, the odds of us going back down to Miami are slim. We will probably stay in Oke through the week, but after that is up in the air. We might possibly go to a different spike before heading back to Charleston. I will try and keep you posted! :) Also, I cannot access my email here at all. Just FYI.

Please pray for my Grandma--she is in the hospital right now. My Dad is out my way in Gulf Breeze to keep my Grandpa company. :) Thanks.

All for now. Grace and Peace.

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