Thursday, October 27, 2005

Last Day in the Swamp

I am writing my last post from the beautiful Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Yes, I have come to see this place as beautiful, something I didn't think would be possible. Once I have a chance to post some pictures, you'll understand why I have come to really love this little place. Minus the mosquitos and snakes, of course.

Today I spent the day with two park Forestry Technichians named Howard and Reggie. We drove out to the north entrance of the swamp and marked timber that will be cut and sold to the highest bidder. I got to drive and ATV all by myself. I had to make my own trail in the forest and--to make a long story short, I crashed. I hit a tree stump that was like hitting metal. The type of tree that it was doesn't rot, it just stays as a stump. So, when I hit it with the front right wheel, I shot up into the air and I fell off hitting a cooler that was strapped to the back. The ATV fell to the left, as did I. God's angels were keeping me safe--the ATV just missed landing on me. Reggie saw the whole thing happen and had already come running towards me when I finally yelled help. I am ok, just a little sore and I have a bruise on my butt. :) Things could be MUCH worse!

So, like I said at the beginning, this is my last post from Oke. We are leaving in the morning to head back down to Miami. There is still no power at the house we are renting, so things should be pretty interesting for awhile. Last we heard, the power is supposed to be back on in our area around November 4. We could get lucky and have it come one sooner, but we won't know until we get down there. Also, there is a curfew in affect, so we will have that to contend with as well. Eleven people in a small house with no power will definitley be trying for our team. Time will tell how well we deal with this new challenge. We are clueless as to what we will be doing once we get down there. All we know is that our project sponsor wants us back down there. We are also unaware of how long we will be down there this time. If and when I can I will post some sort of update. We have not had a typical spike so far--some of my teammates are struggling with the situation, so, if you remember us at some point during your day, offer up a prayer for patience and selflessness. I think we will really need it!

All for now. Grace and Peace.
Here I come Miami, again.

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