Saturday, January 20, 2007

Colorado Update number 2

We are THE 80's girl band, undiscovered. ... And we are material girls. Getting ready for the sledding adventure of a lifetime....not a Young LIfe event, btw. :) It was so cold and my legs are still hurting. Not lying.
Who wants to go in the pool when it's 12 degrees outside? WE DO!!! And it was great, just great! :)

View from the pool. Yes, there is that much snow on the ground. So crazy. You know it's cold when the foot of snow on the ground is not melting or getting hard...

Things are going great here. Just a bit chilly, but we got hooked up with a space heater for our room. We know the people that can make things happen. It's Saturday and I'm a little ready to go home. But I'm trying to just soak in this time away from my crazy boss.

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