Friday, January 19, 2007

New Staff Training...

Some pictures! More to come soon, hopefully! :)
At the Denver airport: Do you understand why I had no idea we were landing until 20 feet up? :) Crazy!
On my birthday. Cassi thought it would be funny to send me over the hill stuff...HA! Not so funny (especially to all my readers who actually ARE over the hill...) Beautiful Colorado. This is from the lookout right by the Club Room, which has become our classroom. It doesn't get much prettier, or colder, than this right here.
Chelsea and's so bright outside because of the snow reflecting the sun, we becamed shadowed. :) Oh's still a good picture. By the way, under that jacket is like another 4 layers. Not even joking.

So, more to come, but at least you can picture where I am and see how much freakin' snow there is here. Ridiculous! But, kinda pretty.

Grace and Peace.

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