Thursday, January 25, 2007

Last update from CO

My time at New Staff is quickly coming to a close. I can’t express enough how much I am looking forward to 1. warm weather, 2. cell phone reception and 3. In and Out.
I’ve had some great experiences here: sledding, hiking, 80’s music video making, and of course, I’ve been taught by some of the top people in the field (two Fuller Seminary Professors and Young Life staff who have so much wisdom and experience to share). It’s been a long two weeks, sometimes I’ve felt like I’ve been here forever, some days it feels like an hour. The beauty of this place still takes my breath away. Being in the valley where I first truly fell in love with Christ has been incredible and I’m so grateful for this experience. I came to New Staff feeling pretty lonely and a bit burnt out. I’m leaving with a community behind me, and a renewed enthusiasm for my job and calling. What a great two weeks. :)
Those of you close to my home... I can't wait to see you.
Those of you far away. I can't wait to talk to you! :)

grace and peace

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Anonymous said...

I finally found a good b-day gift for you. I had it shipped to me, so that I could wrap it all pretty for you. I had hoped to have it in Riverside by the time you got back but it is not here yet! BOO!