Sunday, January 14, 2007

Colorado Update...the coldest place ever.

Well, this is my third day at new staff and i've got to say i'm freezing my butt off! It snowed Friday night (on our 4 1/2 our drive from the airport to Frontier Ranch), and snowed last night and today. CRAZY. There is SO MUCH snow, it's ridiculous. Funny story, when we were landing, I didn't even realize we were about 20 feet from the groud, because the sky was white and the ground was white. 20 feet up, I saw a bush and then we hit ground. SO CRAZY. The fool sitting next to me what a chatty cathy (is there a term for that for men?) and he kept telling me all about how cold I was going to be and on and on...the usual, i have a book open on my lap and I'm looking at the book, not making eye contact, did not even faze him.
So far, we've been learning a lot about fundraising which has been so crazy because it's my biggest hangup in terms of this minsitry that God has called me to. I have to be honest. God has been breaking me big time about this and i've been wiping the tears away like non-other.
I wasn't all that excited about coming here--not gonna lie and pretend like I was thrilled about it. But just in the past three days, God has been showing me again and again, why I love this ministry and why He has called me to it.
Tonight we start our first class from 7:30-10 PM. No joke. Should be interesting, but I couldn't honestly tell you what it's going to be about. The schedule just says "First Class." For a person who likes to know what's going on at all times, this is a huge stretch for me.

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